Frequently Asked Questions

Wax hair styling products do not directly cause hair loss. However, hair styling products may contain some chemicals, even in small amounts. Therefore, using these products constantly and in excessive amounts can eventually harm or cause hair loss. After using hair wax or other hair styling products, it is necessary to clean the hair at the end of the day. To prevent hair wax from causing damage to the hair, it should first be checked for any allergic reactions on the scalp before use. Therefore, a small area should be tested with the product before use, and the hair should be cleaned before going to bed after use.
During shaving, hair is removed from the skin, causing some loss of the outermost layer of dead skin. There may also be some chemical irritation to the skin during shaving, due to soap or surfactants in the formulation increasing the skin's permeability and allowing irritants to reach deeper layers. To relieve the skin, reduce irritation, eliminate the feeling of tightness, soften the skin, and prevent possible infection after shaving, products such as aftershave lotion, balm, gel, and cologne should be used.
Other waxes provide a stronger hold. Powder wax is a better choice for those who have thin and sparse hair.
Waxes that contain clay and have a strong hold are powerful in terms of matte effect for hair. In addition, clay minerals absorb oil from the hair, providing a matte appearance, and due to their content, they provide a strong hold without causing damage.
"Eating healthy foods is more important than expected. Hair health comes from a strong nutrition plan. In order to achieve the desired hairstyle, proper nutrition and care must be prioritized. It is important to wash hair with lukewarm water, dry it gently with low heat after a shower, and use nourishing and moisturizing hair care products. Rich hair care products strengthen the hair. When choosing a hair care product, women should pay attention to active ingredients such as parabens, SLS, and SLES. Hair care products that do not contain these ingredients should be preferred and anti-aging hair care products should be selected. To protect hair from weather conditions such as sun, wind, and rain, nourishing serums should be applied to the roots and ends. Hair styling tools such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons emit high heat, so heat-protecting sprays should be used. Hair that dries out due to environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, and similar conditions should also be regularly moisturized."
"There is no option among shaving gel, shaving foam, or shaving soap that irritates the skin more. Irritation can be caused by shaving blade usage or other factors related to skin type and sensitivity. However, some shaving gels and foams can cause skin irritation due to the ingredients they contain. For example, some products may contain irritating substances such as alcohol or perfume. Therefore, alcohol-free and natural ingredient-containing products should be preferred for people with sensitive skin. Shaving soap usually contains more natural ingredients and can cause less skin irritation. However, the use of shaving soap requires more time and effort to lather, and therefore, may not be preferred by some individuals. In conclusion, whether shaving gel, foam, or soap irritates the skin more depends on your skin type, shaving blade usage, and personal preferences. It is recommended to determine which product is best for you by trying different products and observing your skin's reaction."
Shaving gels provide less friction between the blade and the skin by creating a protective layer. They reduce the risk of burning, shaving rash, and irritation, as well as cuts and nicks. Well-formulated gels that meet these requirements should be used.
Hair tonics are products that help hair look beautiful, healthy, and well-groomed. They make it easy to style your hair. Product varieties formulated with natural ingredients and vitamin supplements also provide care to your hair, helping to support the formation of healthy hair.
Excessive dyeing disrupts the natural nourishment process of hair strands, leading to breakage, weakening, and loss of shine. Color protecting shampoos specially formulated for colored hair should be used, and hair should be supported with supplements formulated for damaged hair, such as serums and masks.
Collagen and keratin nourish thin, flat hair and thicken hair strands, providing extra volume and fullness to the hair. The keratin that surrounds the hair strands helps prevent hair breakage.
"Hair conditioners are produced with chemical properties that are compatible with the structure of hair strands. Properly applied conditioners do not cause hair loss; on the contrary, they repair and nourish the hair."
"Keratin botox is a hair care treatment that is applied to the hair and usually makes it smoother, shinier, and softer. When applying keratin botox at home, you can achieve good results by using the right products and techniques. Firstly, it's important to choose the right keratin botox products. You need to consider your hair type, needs, and expectations to select the appropriate product. Keratin botox products usually consist of various items such as shampoo, hair conditioner, and serum. You can get better results by using these products together. Using the right techniques for keratin botox application is also crucial. The first step is to thoroughly wash your hair. Then, apply the keratin botox products and leave them on your hair for a few minutes. Rinse your hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Some keratin botox products may require additional heat application to help straighten your hair. Before doing a keratin botox treatment at home, it's essential to carefully read the instructions of your product and use it correctly. Also, you should avoid using the products excessively to prevent any chemicals that could harm your hair. If you observe any damage or irritation on your hair, stop the application and consult a professional."
Shampoos with specially designed ingredients for oily hair help remove excess oil during washing. Mask applications for oily hair provide the necessary nutrients for hair roots. These products help you achieve healthy and shiny hair with regular use.
To get rid of blackheads quickly, in addition to using daily face cleansing gel, toner, and moisturizer, you should also use a mask and exfoliating scrub 1-2 times a week. Face cleansing gels that cleanse the skin from dirt, oil, and other residues should be followed by exfoliating and clay mask applications, and finally toner and moisturizer. You can take care of your face by applying plenty of water frequently.
The durability of the keratin treatment will vary depending on your hair type. If your hair is wavy, it can last around 5-6 months. However, if your hair is very curly, the durability may be a bit shorter, around 3-4 months. Additionally, you can extend the durability of the keratin treatment by 3 months by using a follow-up shampoo and hair conditioner.
"• If the desired color is darker than the natural color, the process should be carried out with 10 volume. • If the desired color is the same as the natural color or 1-2 shades lighter, the process should be carried out with 20 volume. • If the desired color is 2-3 shades lighter than the natural color, the process should be carried out with 30 volume for lightening. • If the desired color is 3-4 shades lighter than the natural color, the process should be carried out with 40 volume. • If a color that is 5 shades or more lighter is desired, the process should be carried out with a powder lightener. • 10 Volume completely colors gray hair. It does not lighten the base color. It is used for coloring after hair lightening or for pastel colors and darker hair colors. • 20 Volume completely colors gray hair. It is used for coloring the same tone or for lightening hair 1-2 shades. The degree of lightening may vary depending on the percentage of gray hair. It should be used for the base color and similar shades. It lightens the base color up to 1-2 shades. If the base color is darker than chestnut, the degree of lightening is reduced by ½ tone. • 30 Volume is used for coloring hair with less than 50% gray hair. It lightens the base color up to 2-3 shades. If the base color is darker than chestnut, the degree of lightening is reduced by ½ tone. It is used for vibrant color applications. • 40 Volume is used for coloring hair with very little gray hair. It lightens the base color up to 3-4 shades. If the base color is darker than chestnut, the degree of lightening is reduced by ½ tone. It is used for light color applications."
Peelings containing natural oils and specially designed for combination skin, which help balance sebum levels, should be preferred. To prevent combination skin from shining, the skin should be cleansed every day and peelings containing clay should be used.
You can prevent the feeling of excessive dryness by regularly moisturizing your skin with creams containing natural plant-based oils and non-greasy moisturizers. Moisturizers help trap water in the skin by forming a protective barrier over it.
Redness is one of the most prominent features of allergies. Skin flaking, swelling, and irritation are also among the other symptoms. When such symptoms are observed, it is important to consult a doctor immediately. You can perform an allergy test by trying new cosmetic and care products on a small part of your skin before using them for the first time.
Using the right shampoo, a good conditioner, and a detangling spray that is suitable for your hair type during or after shower can help you get rid of this problem [tangled hair]. The products you use will also nourish your hair.
Sea and pool water can have a drying effect on hair and can cause damage. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean and moisturize hair after exposure to sea or pool water. To do this, you should first use a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly wash your hair. Then, you can apply a hair conditioner to moisturize your hair. Hair oil can also help to moisturize hair. In addition, applying a hair mask once a week can help to protect hair from breakage and damage.
When used together, hair serum and hair mask can provide effective protection for damaged hair. Hair serum nourishes the hair roots by applying it to the scalp and helps healthy hair growth. On the other hand, the hair mask provides protection for the hair itself and prevents damage and breakage by nourishing the hair. Therefore, you can use hair serum and hair mask regularly to make your hair look healthier and shinier.
"Macadamia oil is a common ingredient in cosmetic products due to its many benefits: Moisturizing: Macadamia oil helps prevent moisture loss in the skin, keeping it hydrated. Keeping the skin moisturized helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin look healthier. Nourishing: Macadamia oil helps address nutrient deficiencies in the skin, which makes the skin look healthy. Antioxidant: Macadamia oil is rich in antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radicals. Free radicals can cause cell damage and aging in the skin. Anti-inflammatory: Macadamia oil can reduce redness and irritation in the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Hair Care: Macadamia oil helps moisturize and nourish hair. It also increases hair shine and makes hair easier to comb. For these reasons, macadamia oil is used in many personal care products, and especially as a moisturizer for skin care."
"There are many different product options to color your hair. These options include hair dyes, hair creams, hair sprays, and hair balayage products. The best product for you depends on your hair type, color choice, and desired result. Hair dyes are one of the most popular hair coloring methods. Permanent hair dyes color your hair completely to a different color and can last approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Semi-permanent hair dyes provide a color change that lasts about 4 to 6 weeks. Temporary hair dyes last only for a few washes. Hair creams are used to temporarily change the hair's color tone and often provide a natural look. Hair sprays are used to temporarily change the hair's color tone and can also help style the hair. Hair balayage products are used to highlight specific areas of the hair and add a different color under the hair's natural color for a more dynamic look. Regardless of which product you choose, be sure to read the product's instructions before coloring your hair and apply the product correctly. Also, test the product on a small area to check for any allergies before coloring your hair."
"Beard serums can be used to promote beard growth in some cases. However, beard growth is dependent on genetic factors, age, hormones, and many other factors. Therefore, there is no guarantee that beard serums will always help you grow your beard. Beard serums can help beard hairs appear thicker, fuller, and healthier. They can help strengthen beard hairs and promote faster growth due to the nourishing ingredients they contain. Additionally, some beard serums can help make beards softer and smoother. However, the effects of beard serums can vary from person to person and may not provide the same results for everyone. In some individuals, beard serums may have no effect at all. In conclusion, there is no definite answer as to whether beard serums will help you grow your beard or not. However, they can help make your beard hairs look healthy and full."
"You can follow these steps to cleanse your skin from oil: Use the right cleanser: Use a facial cleanser specially formulated for oily skin. These cleansers help remove excess oil from the skin and balance the skin. Also, make sure to cleanse your face regularly in the morning and evening. Use toner: Toner helps deep cleanse your skin and tighten pores. Opt for an alcohol-free toner for oily skin. Exfoliate: A gentle exfoliation once or twice a week helps remove dead skin cells and opens up pores. Moisturize: Oily skin still needs moisturizer, but choosing the right one is important. Choose a lightweight moisturizer and look for oil-free or water-based products. Avoid oily foods: Oily foods can make your skin more oily and cause acne. Follow a healthy and balanced diet to cleanse your skin from oil. Drink water: Water is the most natural and effective way to moisturize your skin. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day and keep your skin hydrated. Note: Do not overdo it to cleanse your skin from oil, do not wash your skin too often or use overly drying products. This can cause your skin to produce more oil."
No, it is not safe to use expired cosmetics as they may harbor bacteria or other harmful microorganisms that can cause skin irritation or infection.
Natural cosmetics contain ingredients that are derived from natural sources, while synthetic cosmetics contain ingredients that are artificially produced.
There is no conclusive evidence that organic cosmetics are better than non-organic cosmetics. However, organic cosmetics are typically made with natural ingredients and are free from synthetic chemicals, which may be a better option for those with sensitive skin.
Cosmetic products are substances or preparations used to enhance or maintain the appearance of the human body, including the skin, hair, nails, and teeth.
Cosmetic products are regulated by government agencies, such as the FDA in the United States, which sets safety standards and monitors product safety. Look for products that are labeled as being "FDA approved" or "dermatologist tested."
The most common cosmetic products used are moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreens, makeup, hair care products, and fragrance products.
Animal testing of cosmetics is prohibited in many countries, including the Türkiye, European Union, Israel, India, and Norway. However, it is still legal in some countries, such as the United States and China.
Natural cosmetic products are made from ingredients that are derived from natural sources, such as plants or minerals, and are not synthetic. They are often marketed as being more environmentally friendly and safer for use than conventional cosmetic products.